Current Date:

Monday, 09 April 2018

Sudanese Transparency Expects Country to Achieve Progress in Annual Report

Khartoum - The Sudanese Transparency Organization (STO) expects that the Sudan would be classified among states that have made progress in the report of Transparency International Organization, which is due to be issued this month.
STO Chairman Dr. Al-Tayeb Mukhtar affirmed importance of Sudan’s participation in the 30th Summit of the African Union, whose agenda included combating corruption, pointing that the summit represented a regional and continental move in the fight against corruption and recognition of risks posed by it for sustainable development and stability of the continent.
Dr. Mukhtar indicated that the international organization is expected to cite the progress realized in Sudan according to the national integrity report as a result of the political developments that occurred in the country pertinent o transparency and combating corruption.
The STO Chairman cited some of the national developments that have been achieved as regards combating of corruption, including the independence of the General Prosecution (2017), participation of Sudan in regional and international forums on combatting of corruption besides implementation of the recommendations of the National Dialogue, affirming that all this may lead to improvement of Sudan’s position in the annual Transparency International’s report.
Dr. Mukhtar referred to the actions taken by the Sudan against Sudanese citizens accused in a money laundering case in the United Arab Emirates, indicating that the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which is ratified by Sudan, obliges states to work out procedures in accordance with the basic principles and their internal laws to prevent corruption in the private sector.