Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Friday, October 29, 2016

* Juba expels rebel movements from its territories
*Al-Mahdi will return on 19 December
* US has changed its attitude towards Sudan
*Darfur rebel movements is finished

Akhir Lahza
*Parliamentarians  forced the Finance Minister  to resign 
*Kenyan President in Khartoum today
* Makka Imam; Sudan and Saudi in one trench
* High living costs …Parliament via the People

Akbar Al-Youm
* Ministry of Finance integrate Dialogue recommendations
* PCP criticizes the long period in the post of some ministers
* Council of Ministers approve corn planting expansion plan
* Climate Change Framework agreement approved

Al Intibaha 
* NCP, opportunities for youth in political parties’ leadership
* Increase in gold mining companies.
* Annual criminal activities report approved
*  Ethiopia welcomes Africa withdrawal from ICC

* Reeducation in murder and suicide crimes
* Five years programme threatened with failure
* Unrealistic investments figures
* Call to consider S. Sudan crises area

Ray Al-am
* Al Bashir-Kenyan president summit today
* Sudan combated terrorism from the start
* Water will reach 800 thousand new households next year
* Ethiopia: ICC is a selective court targeting African leaders

Al You Al Tali
* Parliament, expiry dates manipulation revealed
* Belorussian President expected to visit Sudan
* Lakes Summit calls for removal of foreign interventions
.  Parliament will recall Finance Minister in coming days

* 7-7 mechanism will make an awareness tour next November
* Lakes Summit concerned about conflict in South Sudan
* Finance Ministry started 2017 Budget preparation
* Erdogan to visit Sudan next year


* Calls for free market economy policies
* Parliament demand SDG 4 thousand minimum monthly wage
* Al Bashir to visit Kassala next November
* No restriction on exports