Current Date:

Monday, 31 October 2016

Sudan to Fight “Seed” of Terrorism

Khartoum -- Sudan is planning to fight the very seeds of terrorism in the society starting with the family, State Minister for International Cooperation Hussein Al-Sharif Al-Hindi said.
Al-Hindi argued that conflicts among political forces leads to poverty and cripples development projects, which in turn may lead to terrorism.
While addressing a workshop on com violent extremism organized by the Sudan National Commission for Countering Terrorism in cooperation with the UNDP and support from the Government of Japan and  in collaboration with religious clerks, political and educational institutions, Al-Hindi said that the national dialogue conference, which recently concluded its activities, was aiming to remove political tensions, which according to him feeds, confrontation and clashes with the other.
The Japanese Ambassador to Sudan H. E Hitoshi Nakamura   considered terrorism as an issue concerning the society, especially under the atrocities committed by terrorist groups. Nakamura called upon voluntary organizations to cooperate and exchange experiments and experiences in combating terrorism.
 Ambassador Nakamura further noted that Sudan deserves support so that it is able to prevent terrorism within its soil and the whole region, affirming that his country supports major studies on the phenomenon of terrorism.
On the other hand UNDP Country Director Selva Ramachandran affirmed UNDP continued support for Sudan through programmes in raising awareness and development.
The main presentation for discussion was the results of the preliminary results of a study by Dr. Anneli Bothe and Mr. Khalid Eltahir on “Reasons for People Joining Violent Extremism and which was very informative and widely discussed by the participants.