Current Date:

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Constitutional Amendments to Be Tabled Before Parliament

Omdurman- Minister of the Cabinet Ahmed Saad Omer is expected to table before the parlaiment today a number of constitutional legislations for amending them in

implemention of the national dialogue outcomes.
Sudan Vision daily’s follow up indicates that the parliament has started at the beginning of last week the discussion of the five-year-programme on issues related to people’s livelihood.
Meanwhile National Assembly mp has disclosed that the three year and the five year programs are the best economic programmes in all the neighboring countries
She told Sudan Vision that there are big dificulties related to implementing the programs making the program distorted  attriuting this distortion to non-implemention of packages  and the economic agencies have implemented one item down  on the ground  which is auterity abandoning the item of production and productivity  a matter that negatively affected the overall economy
She went on to say that despite the existence of big successes at the level of the economy  , the economic blockade  and the international economci downturn have weakened  these successes like secession of South Sudan noting that this does not mean that there are basic problems in implementing the economci program.
She further called on the state to halt the five year program and the economic liberalization programme prior to increasing production and productivity
She said the document of the national dialogue will lead to introducing additions to the Parliament and the Executive therefore the five year program has to be stopped