Current Date:

Saturday, 05 November 2016

Save the Children Sweden Focuses on Reuniting Children with Their Families

Khartoum - The Country Director of Save the Children Sweden organization, Adil Al-Mahi, has affirmed that reuniting missing and separated children with their families is one of the top priorities of the organization.
Addressing a workshop on information management system in the field of child protection, he said the topic of the workshop represents a strategic goal for the organization as a pioneering one in the field of child protection, stressing that the family remains the most secure provider of care for children.
Al-Mahi pointed out that the workshop comes as a boost to the current system applied in Sudan to enhance the capacity of the National Council for Children Welfare as the main partner and availing the necessary means to it for finding, listing and reuniting missing and separated children in some states of Sudan with their families.
Save the Children Sweden organized the workshop with the participation of government partners and under the sponsorship of the National Council for Children Welfare and the Ministry of Social Welfare. A number of national and international organizations operating in the field of children welfare attended the workshop.
It is worth mentioning that Save the Children Sweden organization is an international organization, which is concerned with children’s rights. The organization has been operating in Sudan since the early 1980s, focusing on children rights in the fields of protection, education, food security, water, health and nutrition.
Currently, the organization maintains branch offices in the states of North, South and West Kordofan, Central, West, and North Darfur and Blue Nile State.