Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Parliament Makes Breakthrough in American Congress

Khartoum- Speaker of the National Legislature Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer has renewed parliament keenness on implementing recommendations of the National dialogue

which he said is a political solution which the people of Sudan aspire for in bringing about stability and development in which war is impossible.
He affirmed while he was hosted by the programme of the “weekly talk” organized by the office of the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Information, that the Legislative authority is ready to study and approves the constitutional amendments in two months.
Omer outlined that the parliament is going ahead with the post-dialogue phase for exercising its legislative and monitoring tasks noting that a high committee will be set up for following up implementation of national dialogue recommendations.
Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer denied the poor control role of the parliament saying that the controlling role undertaken by the parliament this year is huge.
He denounced renewal of sanctions by the United States of America describing them as unjust sanctions which are not backed by law or logic. He  disclosed that the parliament will manage a discussion  with influential American institutions  saying that the parliamentary department was able to bring about a big breakthrough in these concepts  and accessed the American congress and presented the true image of Sudan making changes in a lot of miss-concepts and the distorted image of Sudan made by the foreign media stressing continuation of efforts for lifting the blockade  saying that renewal of sanctions is routines matter and doesn’t mean.
He said the parliament is a partner in taking political decisions.