Current Date:

Saturday, 05 November 2016

Africa Will Withdraw from ICC This Year

Khartoum – Dean of the Sudanese Bar Association Eltayeb Haroun has affirmed that the decision by Africans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) represents the beginning of its end. Haroun pointed out that the end of the year will witness the complete withdrawal of African states from the ICC, which, he said does not represent justice and it is a stigma for justice.
Haroun was speaking at a press forum organized by the National Centre for Media Production here Wednesday under the title, Indications of the Withdrawal of the African States from The ICC.
The Dean of the Sudanese Bar Association said that Africans have become aware after practice that the ICC targets African leaders and their peoples.
He disclosed that a fact-finding committee has been set up by the Bar Association on the allegations of Amnesty International (AI) on the use of chemical weapons at Jebel Mara, and that the committee will start carrying out its mission next week with a visit to Zalenjai town. He also pointed out that they are embarking on filing a criminal suit against AI in Britain. Haroun called on the Minister of Justice to form an official committee to refute the allegations of AI.
In the meantime, leading member of the National Congress Rabie Abdul-Atti, said Africans will come to know that the ICC targets them along with other third world countries and will continue to withdraw successively, stressing that the ICC does not follow the legal procedures and depends on testimonies based on lies.