Current Date:

Tuesday, 08 November 2016

Contacts to Facilitate Sudanese Returning from Libya

Khartoum - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disclosed that high level contacts are being made for ending the over-crowdedness

of the Sudanese citizens returning from Libya in the Libyan Massaad region who are desirous in returning to Sudan across the Libyan territories.
The Ministry announced that 100 Sudanese citizens coming from Libya have left Saloum crossing point on their way to Sudan.
The Ministry said in a press release that the general consul of Sudan in Alexandria, Ambassador Dr, Mohamed Sigheron Al Sheikh has continued contacts and efforts with the competent Egyptian authorities to end the over-crowdedness that occurred in the Libyan region of Massaad  through increasing the number of batches  so that all those stuck  may cross at Salum crossing point and from there they can travel by land to Aswan and then they enter Sudan.