Current Date:

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Arrangements for World Tourism Secretary Genera’s Visit

Khartoum - The First Vice-President of the Republic First Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has directed the Ministry of Tourism to arrange a for a visit by the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization TOX Sudan, which will take place during 13th-15th of the current November.
This came during the First Vice-President of the Republic meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, Dr Mohamed Abuzaid at the Republican Palace, Monday.
Abuzaid said in a press statement following the meeting that the First Vice-President indicated the importance of the visit, as it is the first visit for the Secretary-General of the international organization to Sudan, disclosing that the visitor will open a regional workshop about communications at Time of Crises in which over 60 experts and media men will take part.
He added that the Secretary -General of the World Tourism Organization would hold meetings with government officials, UN agencies in Sudan and students studying at Sudanese universities as well as witnessing the launching of the Red Sea's Tourism and Shopping Festival.