Current Date:

Saturday, 05 November 2016

Beja Conference: No Alternative for East Agreement for Solving Our Problems

Khartoum - Leading figures at the Beja Conference Party have described demands from the part of some for establishing a new negotiating forum for east Sudan as illogical.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Mutasim Ahmed Musa, the leading figure at the Beja Congress Party said in a statement to (SMC) those who presented this are out of point, as the only means for solving the problems of eastern Sudan is Asmara’s agreement, which has realized a “tangible success” as he put it. Musa noted that the call for a new negotiating forum in Nairobi is an individual and personal demand not representing the options of the people of East Sudan but it represents some categories.
Musa affirmed their unshakable belief in the agreement of the East which is irreplaceable for solving eastern problems.