Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Sudan Calls African Union and Arab League to Stand against ICC

Khartoum- First Vice President of the Republic First Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh has called on the African Union and the Arab League to stand firmly against the so-called

the International Criminal Court (ICC) and lauding the stances of South Africa and Rwanda against the ICC describing them as the beginning of the court’s end.
He called, in the Third Arab African Conference for Economic Development, which concluded deliberations yesterday in Khartoum, for the African Union and the Arab League to express the components of the Arab and African peoples for providing decent livelihoods in the light of freedom and independence and turning to the rich resources of Sudan and tap them whatever the challenges may be.
He said it is not a coincidence that the initiative of food security is launched from the confluence of the two Niles. He noted that the Khartoum Declaration will mark the efforts the African-Arab cooperation in all political, economic and social spheres stressing that integration between the two regions is an imperative matter.
For his part Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League has disclosed that a sum of US$100 billion was allocated towards assisting the developing countries in combating greenhouse emissions. He stressed the need for benefiting from countries frameworks and implementing Arab and African partnerships.
He noted that conflicts and wars in the Arab world have led to an exacerbating food of crises, noting that the phenomenon of terrorism launched by the West has undermined our work and our efforts of upheaval.
The First Vice President further noted that contributions by Arab countries funds for financing African countries have amounted to more than US$2.17 billion. He also announced the allocation of a sum of one billion Dollars towards agricultural development in Africa while a sum of one billion Dollars was allocated for the coming years demanding an improvement of the quality of production.
He disclosed that what was achieved at the previous summits was below the aspirations of the Arab and African peoples, noting that throughout the past five years the Arab funding of the African projects has totaled US$2.17 billion in addition to the initiative of Kuwait State Amir Subah Al Ahmadi at the third summit of allocating US$13 billion towards development in Africa via easy-term loans. He went on to disclose that the volume of the Arab African funding during the year 2015 amounted to US$41.24 billion.
In a related development professor Ibrahim Al-Dikhairi, the Minister of Agriculture & Forestry has affirmed that there are challenges facing Africa and Arab homeland represented in the shortage of food and population growth, calling for striking a balance for reaching a world free of hunger.
He went on to say that Sudan is focusing on the initiative of food security which was welcomed by the Arab summit noting that the state is according a big importance to investments  through laying down the law and facilitating procedures.
He noted that Sudan is facing a totality of challenges, top of which is the economic sanctions, which have targeted the inflow of capital, calling for coordination with the African and Arab organizations for supporting Sudan.
He further called for harnessing all means for sustainable development for a world free of hunger and malnutrition. He noted that Sudan has gone ahead with its project by holding the Arab-African conference of the stakeholders and donors along with the developmental millennium document for realizing food security and increasing production.  In addition to this Sudan has prepared a document for country development.
Al-Dikhairi implied that Sudan has oriented its strategies towards agriculture by involving rural communities, noting that 70% of Sudan’s population depends on agriculture, which indicates that the agriculture sector contributes 80% of non-petroleum exports proceeds. Al-Dikhairi outlining that Sudan is integrated into the international context by accessing the World Trade Organization, stressing that Sudan has presented its resources for Arab investments saying that we hope the Khartoum declaration will be a good omen for Arab and African food security.