Current Date:

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ana Sudani Advertisement Obtains the Second Rank in the Middle East and Africa

Advertisement of Ana Sudani “I am Sudanese” presented by Sudani Company was awarded the second place in the Middle East and Africa and attracted the minds and

hearts of viewers in the region.
Sudani Company was ranked the second in a large ceremony attended by a number of leaders and experts in the communications and advertising industry in the region.
Director of Marketing at Sudani  said that  the CommsMEA Award is an annual international award that highlights companies or individuals who play a leading role in enriching and developing the field of communications, and also honors companies that have implemented successful strategies and developed new services to attract minds, and most importantly, it encourages companies and organizations that have developed marketing contacts and marketing campaigns in the Middle East and Africa to make it one of the most dynamic and successful areas in the world.
CommsMEA is an online magazine specialized in communication field and IT and a highly respected and widely spreading in the Middle East and Africa region, while the annual awards it presented are based on the best standards in rating companies and people in terms of performance in communications throughout the year.