Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

WHO: NHL Results Identical to Regional and Reference Laboratories

Khartoum - Director of Immunization Program of the World Health Organization, Sudan Office, Dr. Ahmed Al-Hardan affirmed the leadership of Sudan in the field of polio eradication compared to the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region, adding that the National Health Laboratory (NHL) has achieved excellence in the correct diagnosis and all its results are identical to the regional and reference laboratories in the field of polio in the world.
 He said that the visit of a number of international experts to conduct an external evaluation of all the centers in the various states of Sudan comes within the periodic control to ensure the commitment of programs to scientific standards, praising the experiences of Sudan, which has been assigned to a number of countries in the world for the same purpose.
For her part, Director of the Department of Maternal and Child Health, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Nada Jaafar confirmed the commitment of her ministry to implement the guidelines of experts, Which comes within the promotion of the performance of the Department of Immunization, noting that the delegation of experts, which includes 40 ones, half of them from outside the country, will make field trips to the various states of Sudan.