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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kabkabiya –Number of Criminals Arrested, Drugs and Scooters Seized

Kabkabiya – North Darfur - Local residents of Kabkabiya Locality in North Darfur expressed their happiness with the arrival of the Rapid Support Forces to the city and imposes

the prestige of the state to eliminate the phenomenon of security chaos, trafficking of drugs, weapons and wines.
The citizens who were interviewed by Sudan Vision in Kabkabiya market praised the Rapid Support Forces for their efforts to stabilize and eliminate the negative phenomena in the city in the past period, stressing that these forces dismantled what was known as the market of (Colombia), which is in the middle of the city, where various types of drugs,  alcohol and weapons were sold, alongside the elimination of the looting that they were exposed to through the use of motorcycles, stressing that they live in security and stability without fear after the elimination of these phenomena, demanding that these forces have to stay the city, praising the efforts carried out by the governor of the state Abdul Wahid Yousef and the State Security Committee.
Rapid Support Forces have arrested a number of motorcycles in the city that were used to sell and promote drugs, in addition to looting and thefts.
The vast field in which official meetings are held has been a huge market for drug and weapon trade during the lean years of war and chaos, according to the statements of the people of the area. Despite the fact that the city of Kabkabiya was not touched by the armed movements much, in addition to being a homogeneous area, but it was a hotbed of gangs of armed robbery, where a group of lawless people, causing the destruction and exploitation of its inhabitants, but fortunately the Rapid Support Forces came to the city and arrested the outlaws, where the life returned to normal there. One of the fruit vendors in the market said "Gangs of looting have prevented us from leaving our homes, sharing our agricultural production, and plundering our property, but today we are roaming the city freely and reassuringly.
On the day of our visit, large quantities of narcotics, smuggled alcohol, and local wines, and that 1,200 motorcycles without plates were destroyed, besides burning of prohibited bicycles according to security measures taken in the context of weapons collection.


The city suffers from a severe shortage of medical and educational services. Kabkabiya Commissioner Abu Bakr Adam said that his historic city includes 40 tribes that fought tribal fanaticism and maintained the social fabric, and in support of this, the population groups signed a document to prevent the sale of alcohol and drugs and carrying of unauthorized weapons, where that led to the stable of security situation in the locality, while the commissioner presented the demands of the people of his locality to the state's governor, where they called for the stay of the Rapid Support Forces in the area to maintain security, besides establishment of a stadium, and paving the road to the capital of the state to contribute to increase national production.
The speech of the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo,”Hemeti” was brief and frank, addressing outlaws saying “Your star is absent, we started with development, soft and flexible, but we came to the conviction that governance and softness do not come together and did not produce the desired results, today our directives from the Supreme Leader are to fight illegal immigration, rebellion, and outlaws, adding," We began to arrange the native administration, cars and Doshka weapons have become in the hand of the state only, and we will free Jebel Marra soon from mercenaries and outlaws. "
Governor of North Darfur, Abdel Wahid Yousif said, in his speech to a large crowd in Kabkabiya that security and imposing the prestige of the state and the responsibility of the government and that citizens have to devote full time to production and productivity, pledging to return land to its owners, demanding citizens in the area not to share agricultural production with outlaws, stressing that the work on the road of Kabkabiya - El Fasher will begin soon and that the electricity engineers arrived in the area to install a power station cost more than 21 billion pounds, calling on IDPs to return to their villages, where the Rapid Support Forces will protect them.