Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Persons with Disability Council Affirms Need for their Reintegration in Community

Khartoum - The National Council for Persons with Disability at Khartoum state, organizations and states councils as well as the relent agencies is to inaugurate on the third of next December the celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disability at 10 am in the morning at the Friendship Hall with a high level attendance of the Presidency of the Republic
The celebration comes under the theme “Transformation to Sustainable community Flexible that Accepts All”. The celebrations are to extend to the different states of the country with multiple programs and items.
The Secretary General of the Council of Persons with Disability at Khartoum State Dr. Rashid Al Tigani has affirmed in the press conference organized by the said council yesterday that to accord attention the segment of disabled persons and completing the operation of reintegrating them in the community following the endorsement of the acts related to them stressing the need to applying them from top downward to the ground.