Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sudan Announces Readiness to Establish Russian Military Base on Red Sea Coast

Khartoum - The Chairperson of the National Assembly's Committee of Security and Defense Al Hadi Adam Ahmed has affirmed Sudan's readiness for establishing Russian military bases on the Sudanese Red Sea Coast within the framework of the economic and military cooperation between the two countries.
Hamid said in interview with Sputnik on Tuesday “I think it is logical and right that the Russian leadership agree to establish a military base on the Sudanese Red Sea coast and this undoubtedly is in the framework of cooperation between the two countries in the spheres of economic and military cooperation.”
He went on to say that they are ready to receive such Russian military bases and such excellent cooperation.
Hamid further described the recent visit of President Al Bashir to Russia as "historic" noting that  it has realized many gains particularly in the fields of mining , geological explorations and the scientific agricultural researches with its two plant and animal  prongs
He said one of the most outstanding gains is cooperation on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful electric purposes and the military cooperation between the two countries.
Hamid outlined the importance of military cooperation between the two countries in weapons diversification stressing that this matter will increase Sudan's opportunities and capabilities so that it may not bow to foreign pressures in the event of depending on one agency.
He said President Al Bashir's demand from the Russian side to establish a marine military bases on the Red Sea is for protecting the boundaries   of the Sudanese Red Sea because the Red Sea coast is long and expansive and we have monitored lot of infringements represented in the entry of marine dredgers to our marine borders that drift our fish wealth as well as fishing boats transgressions.