Current Date:

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Islamic Alliance Defense Ministers Announce Solidarity to Fight Terrorism

Khartoum - The first meeting of defense ministers of the countries of the Islamic Military Alliance on fight against terrorism started in the Saudi capital Riyadh yesterday with

the participation of the Sudan represented by the Minister of Defense, General Awad Mohamed Ahmed bin Auf.
The Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman said, in his speech, that more than 40 countries have confirmed at a meeting of defense ministers of the Islamic Military Alliance that they will work together militarily, financially, intelligence and politically in the fight against terrorism, "Today, we are laying a strong signal to work together in the fight against terrorism," he said,
State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hamid Mumtaz stressed the continuation of Sudan's participation in the Arab coalition forces to restore legitimacy in Yemen, adding that Sudan’s relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are strategic.
"We confirm our participation in the coalition for the restoration of legitimacy in Yemen," Mumtaz told Sudan's daily Al-Sudani on Sunday, adding that the armed forces will continue to work within the coalition forces to achieve their objectives in Yemen and to ensure the protection of the Kingdom from any external threat aims at its security and stability without any link to anything else.