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Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Truth Waves: Well Done BTO More Success on the Right Track

Since 2008 the date which the government has expelled a number of foreign organization and international agencies actively work in relief and humanitarian field. The big

question faced my national organizations is how to refill the gap of foreign organization and if they were qualified to do so. Some NGOs for sure done their best and other failed to overcome the challenges.
If we take Albirr and AlTawasul Organization it represent pioneering role in working with two essential pillars social and healthy one due to its efforts it helped needy people in remote areas and children and maternity hospitals across the 18 states of Sudan and others to come. The writer of this column had a chance to see with his own eyes how BTO works through its programme for school children which has launched under Smiling Children in cooperation with Chain Foundation For Poverty Alleviation CFPA, the two parts together manage to cover more than 2000 pupils at Khartoum State and about 1600 pupils at White Nile State, Rabak Locality. This programme reduces school dropout and help school children of poor family be regular at education and as the result of BTO hospitals many people get accessibility of medical care in far rural areas moreover the rate mothers’ mortality has gradually decreased because awareness campaigns which kicked off simultaneously with BTO activities and projects.
I think BTO has paved the way for Sudanese NGOs actively work nationwide to follow its step to help our indigenous people since its establishment in 2004 BTO used to work in silence without show focusing on actions more than words to the best of my knowledge that was the secret behind its success and performance that become remarkable particularly it chose an active partners like CFPA. This experience of BTO can enlighten the road for others to come.  If you want to succeed try and don’t look for the difficulties or challenges lie ahead. In a country like Sudan which affected by civil war over dozens of decades no doubt that NGOs will find it difficult to build the confidence among the people of indigenous society. I strongly believe in Chinese proverb which says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime”. BTO voluntary mission also depend on empowerment people to get means of production not only giving needy people money at hand.
 Finally I heard that BTO has big surprise for interested people, organizations and institutions on local and international level for opening the exhibition of my country products scheduled to be held by the end of current October. The exhibition will give visitors chance to see the Sudanese women handcrafts and their innovative production