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Friday, 04 November 2016

Orbits: Brain Drain Again!

One of the supporters of the Amnesty International report over the usage of Chemical weapons by Sudanese army in Jebel Marra

battles is Baroness Cox who  is a cross-bench member of the British House of Lords and presidents  of  Christian Solidarity International.
In early ninetieth of last century Baroness Cox accused the Sudanese government of slavery and alleged that she collected donations to free slaves in Sudan.
During that time Khartoum launched a campaign against her to refute its allegations and contain her in the media.
In 1999 baroness Cox repeated her hostile stances against Sudan when she alleged that the Sudanese army was using chemical weapons in its war against the SPLA in South Sudan under late Dr. John Garang, so she escalated its campaign and submitted to the UK government – what she said – documents that prove her claim.
But the British respond was very disappointing to the baroness after analyzing the samples and documents which resulted to the non-existence of any chemicals in the soil or the water or the ricochets analyzed.
Recently, Baroness Cox resumed her dirty game when she said that the Sudanese army used chemical weapons in the battles of Jebel Marra, and according to her reports Amnesty International was dragged in another trap.
It is clear that the timing of the allegations is a desperate attempt to reproduce another issue in Darfur after the considerable stability the region is witnessing and celebrating the end of the mandate of the DRA.
The entire world knows that Sudan is not in a position to produce such kind of weapons, besides the country’s commitment to the conventions signed in 1998 on banning chemical weapons.