Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Losing and Gaining Weight Bills

Genetic engineering has made great headway in all fields. In cloning Dolly, the sheep, people put their chins in their elbows,

and made an eye-brow, thinking over this miraculous invention. Then there comes the famous cloning of the 22 mice. A good number of crops witnessed this genetic engineering revolution. The size of these crops is really exaggerated; a pea -nut seed is three times its normal size. Yes, it turns to be family size.
The vast majority of what is sold in the market nowadays is in fact exaggerated; the chicken seems to be large, calculating its size against its age; it is all hormones that drive it to this immense size. The vegetables are three times their natural size by the effect of fertilizers. A piece of tomato is the same size as that of a Brazilian football, the carrot is not its known size, the cucumber, the watercress, aborigines, pumpkin. In unbroken line, they are forged to a size that is ballooned and mushroomed.
Everything around us is exaggerated to a degree, even the bread that we take day and night is enlarged with the potassium bromide ; that magic powder which usually multiplies by three or four, it has the ability to turn one piece of loaf into a size of a cushion , but usually very insipid ; it has no taste or flavor . It is a sort of what can be named a ‘cancer’. This, parasitic grow.
Taking in account all what we have mentioned above, the body everyday adds on flesh, it makes legendary growth, immensely in gigantic figures, very hilly and mountainous in shape. That is why cancer found a good environment and atmosphere to grow as well.
This is not the end of the game! Genetic engineering and research promotion have gone far to detect and discover bills that work both sides; they can make you slim or, on the contrary, they make you grow fat. You can control your weight to the size that you ‘love’. Almost in a week you can change everything, even your clothes are to be changed. What is so miraculous, you can have medications for some parts of the body that you need them to grow apart from the other parts of the body, you can make your arms a little bit larger than some other parts of that same body.
A complete change in God’s creation! Being absent for a week can make the difference. I vow, you can hardly know your neighbors if they are regular takers of this medication, either you find them grow fat – like capital ‘O’, or they can make skeletons of themselves.
In both cases, whether you grow fat or slim, one suffers at the public transportations, here in this triangular capital, if you are weak like a skeleton, you cannot fight for a seat, and if you are that fat then you cannot find a suitable entrance. What shall we do? Growing fat isn’t recommended, it is connected with some heart diseases, and making slim isn’t without its complications as well. So, we have to wait until the camel gets into, through the needles hole. Hey! How many kilos do you weigh? No answer? I am not bewitching you. This is in my opinion.