Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Afro-Arab Youth Council in Khartoum … A New Phase of Youth Initiative

There is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams. You can make your dreams come true if you put in the effort and make a reasonable plan,

this is what to say Mr. Jim Colon a British English journalist once I met him in Khartoum. Today youth dream is more compatible in a new arena of technologies. The first we need to be a specific about our  dreams so you can be on your way to making it happen for today investment to build tomorrows future. We believe every young person deserves a pathway to success, This is to say the secretary-general of Afro-Arab youth council in Sudan.
For their part the special judging Committees Concluded (Owrabea) Prize in its second edition for its work yesterday in Khartoum and chosen the best posts in the light of the conditions and standards with regulations set by the award, organized by the Arab and African Youth Council will be awarded (3000 dollars) for the first winner of the winners in four award, which includes categories (poetry The story and the fine arts, music and singing).
The secretary general of the Council Dr. Awad Hassan said :The work of all the committees was characterized by objectivity and justice, integrity and transparency and that the Council met committees arbitration before the start of its operations in the presence of Vice-President of the Council representative of South Sudan State of Philip Lawrence said to provide all means to assist in their work during which many of the ideas and proposals put forward the recommendations, which the Council will take them into account for the development of the award and said :the declaration of the winners will be in mid-November and will be honored in a large cultural ceremony on the tenth of December in Khartoum under the auspices of the first Vice-President of the Republic Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh.
  The judging committee included  experts in the fields of literature and the arts from both inside and outside Sudan, and participated in the screening committee poetry contest  with Dr. Abdul Latif Obaid Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab States League  and the president of Tunisia Center and Dr. Siddiq Omar Siddiq director of the Institute of Professor Abdullah Tayeb of  Arabic  language in  Khartoum .The committee  included   story of  Mrs. Hala Fahmy, chairman of the story Division, novels, travel literature the Federation of Egyptian writers and head of the cultural section of the newspaper Egyptian evening and professor Ahmed Awad, secretary general of the Sudanese story club  included a counting committee and  Music competition Dr Mohammed Saif Prime musical professions Union and Dr. Dirdiri Mohammed Sheikh, professor of music at the Faculty of Music and drama at the University of Sudan and a member  of the national Committee to sounds and new melodies Authority radio and television and included the  The counting committee Art competition artist Dr. Hussain Jamaan and artist Dr. Abubakar Hadi Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Sudan, it has been praised by representatives of the committees competing business quality, which came cope and comprehensive highlights developments in the Arab arena and African current issues.