Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Broad Daylight: The Imminent Goodness

The Sudanese people have set the good example that should be followed, especially patiently and tolerantly. Now, it is high time for them to get rewarded hugely

and generously for this. Many indications are to tell that this goodness is so imminent. The signing of the national document which has emanated from the National Dialogue is the main factor that is to result in this goodness. For this reason, the Sudanese public is called upon to be very optimistic because of the good things that are to happen soon.
Another factor is the engagement of the present government tirelessly and feverishly to confront all the challenges that have adversely affected the citizens. Especially economically, by giving all citizens the due heed to improvement of their livelihood.
Another manifestation of the goodness is the involvement of many quarters, internally and externally, to invest their money in Sudan vigorously and unlimitedly. Foreign investors in particular, such as the Gulf countries, China and Russia, are the good illustrations of this pattern. 
Besides oil, now Sudan has been enjoying numerous economic alternatives; animal and other agricultural resources are but only a few.
Politically, now there is a positive and big shift in the stance of America towards Sudan. Now, America sees Sudan as the most secure and stable country, especially domestically and regionally. For further consolidation of this trend, America has been noticed as instructing South Sudan to refrain from extending any kind of support to the armed opposition of Sudan. 
Now, the war in Darfur has practically ended. So, the efforts which were wasted irrationally previously, are to be merely and exclusively saved for the consolidation of peace and development in the region.
In conclusion, we can say this; all the aforementioned are true triggering factors  to all the sorts of the goodness that is to engulf the country imminently and holistically and whose fruits will be reaped by all the Sudanese people invariably.