Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Parliament Summons Health Minister

Khartoum -- The National Assembly has summoned the federal minister of Health Bahr Idriss Abu Garda to account for the outbreak of acute watery diarrhea in the White

Nile state.
The summoning made at the behest of the Member of Assembly, representative of Constituency 12, Tendelti.
In his reply to questions, the Minister of Health attributed the epidemic in different regions of Sudan to the consumption of contaminated water – according to medical diagnosis, he added.
Abu Garda acknowledged that the White Nile is on top of regions badly hit by watery diarrhea in Sudan. He called for concerting and dedicational official and communal efforts combat stem the problem, adding that awareness and hygienic campaigns are a must to control the disease.
The parliament expressed its concern with the spreading watery diarrhea and discontent with shortage of some lifesaving drugs at state hospitals in addition to poor services and health conditions therein. 
Earlier, in a report to the Council of States in Khartoum, White Nile State Governor Abdul-Hamid Musa Kasha said 49 people died and 2,755 others infected, while another report by Sudanese Doctors' Central Committee said 62 deaths were reported and 1,800 infections monitored.
The Parliamentarian committee urged the relevant authorities to acknowledge the existence of a "health catastrophe" in White Nile, adopt urgent quarantine measures, provide personal hygiene tools and accelerate provision of free intravenous solutions and essential vaccines.
It further called for training and deploying specialized teams to pinpoint the root causes of the recurrence of the disease in order to control the spread of the epidemic and ensure public health and safety.