Current Date:

Sunday, 27 May 2018

SUNA and Qatar Mursal Network Sign Framework Agreement

Khartoum - (SUNA) Sudan News Agency (SUNA) and the Qatar Mursal News Network Thursday signed a framework agreement.
The agreement was signed by SUNA General Manager, Awad Jadain, and chairman of Qatar Mursal News Network, Omer Ahmed Al-Jumaili,
Following the signing, Jadain said that the digital media has become limitless, not hindered by barriers, free, covering to all events and helping for discipline.
He called for utilizing the digital content to serve the national and Arab causes.
Jadain affirmed that the digital media has represented a great progress and a means which is available for all people, referring to great information energy that can be provided by the smart phones, if they are used properly.
He said that SUNA is adopting both the digital and conventional media methods in its work in the news and information field.
Meanwhile, Al-Jumaili has expressed his appreciation of SUNA limitless cooperation with his network.
He said that the Qatari and Gulf people are in need for sufficient information about Sudan and its civilization and history.
He indicated that Qatar Mursal News Network will benefit from the tremendous quantity being provided by Sudan News Agency (SUNA) and would work to disseminate this information in member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Al-Jumaili said that the delegation of the Qatari Mursal News Network is currently working to produce a film about the history and antiquities to reactivate tourism.
He said that network's team will return once again to Sudan in Ramadan for more cooperation and coordination and implementing joint projects with Sudan News Agency.