Current Date:

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

SUNA Editors Visit Bernama Agency in Malaysia

Khartoum - Editors from SUNA visited Bernama agency to be in training programme organized by the agency in Malaysia under the supervision of the general manager of

Bernama, staff and Consul Hoida Ahmed from Sudan embassy in Malaysia.
The Malaysian national news agency (Bernama) is one of the most important news agency in Malaysia. Its autonomous body placed under the ministry of communication and multimedia. Bernama agency is the fifth cyber media in Malaysia and that because their speed in delivering news live from the action spot, and because of that, it is not just recognizable by Malaysian people but by the whole world. The training program is very important to Sudanese editors and that is because when they observe the working process there they will gain experience that, will promote the level of the news agencies in Sudan and also the regular program between Sudan and Malaysian agencies will encourage doing more exchange training projects in the future.
Bernama General Manager, Datuk Zulkefli Salleh said the participants would be attending in-class training on various media platforms in Bernama, including television, radio and multimedia.
He said they would also learn, experience and exchange information with Bernama in managing the new media revolution which had been growing in many countries.