Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Al-Deain University Launches Its First Year

Khartoum – Al-Deain University in East Darfur State has launched its first year of study amid the attendance of Experts on top of them was the Vice Chancellor of the

University, Prof. Mohammed Ali El-Haj Alouba and deans of the different faculties of the university.
Prof. Alouba said that Al-Deain University was a dream that become a reality due to the great efforts exerted, affirming that they are working to avail an appropriate and attractive environment for the students along with digital development to guarantee distinguished academic outcome, pointing out to the establishment of electronic library for the benefit of the students in their researches, adding that the university includes six faculties namely Medicine, Management Sciences, Nursing, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Education and Law.
It is worth noting that the number of students is more than 700.