Current Date:

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Editorial: The Security

The  summit that is held at Cairo, between the two presidents of Sudan and Egypt, has highly stressed the dominance of security allover the lands of the two countries,

Needless to say, no progress at all and in any sphere of life without this crucial element of security. In this regard, there is a very insistent question that vehemently poses itself here; why is only this concentration on the issue of security to the exclusion of all else? Of course, the answer is so simple and does not need any evening lessons, as the Sudanese used to say. If it is lacking, then this is the time that guns are to start roaring. Then all of a sudden, all aspects of life will come to a halt.
So it is not strange at all to so see both Sudan and Egypt as much concerned about this crucial factor of security. Undoubtedly, they are one body; pain in any part of it, will automatically be felt wholly.  They are physically and geographically well linked. That is to say, they are neighbors and this situation will just continue like this till the doomsday.
However, the significace of this factor of security is not just being restricted to Sudan and Egypt bilaterly, but even exceeds this to cover other neighbors as well.  President Al Bashir at this current Summit also talks about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), affirming that its security is a red line that should not be crossed by any entity, no matter what it is.
It is worth mentioning that this KSA has recently led a military amalgamation of which Sudan is a vital member. It is aimed at letting, security and stability not only to prevail locally, but regionally as well. 
Within this context, South Sudan is not the exclusion.  Sudan, especially officially, has never ceased reiterating that it will never become a place from which the opposition of South Sudan is launch hostile activities. This stance has just emanated from and based on irrevocable convictions that none existence of security and stability in one country, especially neighbors, will automatically get reflected on the other.
In conclusion, we can say this; this subject matter of security is of crucial significance globally, especially to the neighbors who are geographically bordering each others. Sudan and Egypt are the good illustration of this.