Current Date:

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Education Minister, Khartoum Governor Ring Bell of Sudan Certificate Exams

Khartoum - Minister of Education, Governor of Khartoum State and Omdurman Commissioner rang, yesterday morning, the bell at Al-Motamar Secondary School for Boys,

marking the start of the exams of Sudan Certificate for this year, amid great optimism among the students and their relatives.
Education Minister, Asia Mohamed Abdullah said more than 600,000 students sit for the exams this year, including 4041 foreign students from 19 countries, saying that the school year has been stable, calling on parents to create the conditions for students to achieve a good result, greeting all teachers throughout the country, noting that the exams represent the harvest of years for students and families, stressing that the said certificate has been maintaining its reputation constantly.
 Interior Minister Hamid Manan said they took some exceptional measures for the examiners from some neighboring countries, such as Libya, and also notified officials in South Sudan officially on cancelling Juba Examinations Center.