Current Date:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Proposal for Forming Joint Forces with Juba to Secure Borders

Khartoum - The government has disclosed that proposal for forming joint forces with South Sudan State to secure the common borders of the two countries while

it announced its welcome of withdrawal of South Sudan Army ten miles southwards.
Government’s Official Spokesperson Dr. Ahmed Bilal told SMC that execution of what was announced by South Sudan State with regards to withdrawal of its forces is deemed to be an implementation of a previous agreement between the two parties and the move is welcomed. He called on South Sudan State to speed up implementation of security and political arrangements between the two countries.
Bilal outlined that the government proposal of forming a joint military force along the borders with south Sudan state is out of the success of this experiment with a number of neighborhood countries which contributed in realizing peace and stability along the borders between Sudan and the countries.