Current Date:

Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Sudan Chosen as International Commissioner for Sustainable Development Goals Promotion

Khartoum - The regional network for social responsibility in the Arab area has chosen Sudan as represented in the Secretary General of the National Population Council, Dr.

Limia Abdul-Ghaffar, as international commissioner for promoting goals of the sustainable development in the Arab region.
The Secretary General of the National Population Council has explained that the network is a member of the international agreement on social responsibility and comprises all Arab states in its membership.
She pointed out in a statement to Sudan Vision that the Arab forum on social responsibility, which was held in Bahrain last February, named Director of the Kuwaiti Arab Institute for Planning Dr. Badr Malallah and the Secretary General of the Sudanese National Population Council Dr. Limia Abdel-Ghaffar as international commissioners for promotion of the objectives of the sustainable development.
The Secretary General of the National Population Council indicated that she has presented a paper at the forum on the sustainable development and social responsibility.
She expected that the international commissioners would hold a meeting shortly to work out a roadmap for their work in the coming period for promoting the goals of sustainable development and coordination of relations with countries outside the Arab region.
She stressed the importance of the regional network as it focusses on the roles of all sectors at the levels of the government and the private sector in the social responsibility process.