Current Date:

Friday, 09 March 2018

UN Expert: Sudan has Ability and Experience on Combating Cyber Crime

Khartoum - Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman stressed the importance of strengthening the capabilities of judicial institutions to verify and

clarify information in order to achieve justice.
Addressing the workshop on cyber-crimes, held here yesterday, organized by the Public Prosecution, Hassabo said that the circulation of information should be conducted in accordance with the law, with the consolidation of the concept of trust to be a rule of law. He pointed out that cyber-crimes are modern and transboundary and require international and regional cooperation to avoid them, indicating to the economic and psychological consequences of those crimes, calling for greater cooperation and coordination to protect society and to provide a model for the world that Sudan can provide an ideal model.
For his part, cyber-crimes expert at the United Nations Office stressed that Sudan has the capacity and experience to benefit from in the fight against cyber-crime, adding that this is encouraged by the government's commitment to raise awareness among specialists in the field of justice as well as their international cooperation to fight the crime, explaining that the United Nations can provide to Sudan all the aids in this area after the identification of needs, pointing out that the purpose of the workshop is introduction to the definition of cyber crime, stressing his quest to develop a program during the workshop to meet the needs of Sudan.
Attorney General, Maulana Omer Ahmed Mohamed said that the cybercrimes are committed using computer or network which is contrary to the provisions of the law and that the fight against this crime is a protection of the public interest and ethics, adding that the public prosecution was interested in raising capacities and exchanging information, adding that other relevant will b organized.