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Monday, 02 April 2018

Sudan Is Entering New Phase of International Openness: Portuguese Diplomat

Khartoum- (Muawad Mustafa- Neimat al Naiem ) In conclusion or her short visit o Sudan, Portuguese Non Resident Ambassador to Sudan H.E. Madaline Fisher shed light on the aims and purposes of her first to Sudan. Sudan Vision seized the opportunity conducted a brief interview to be published soon. She described her visit as important and successful for it allowed her to meet the top officials in the government, MPs and business chambers.
Ambassador Madaline expressed her impression about Sudan, saying that Sudan is entering a new phase. It is opening up to the world. She added that European countries and Portugal should increase cooperation with Sudan.
“Sudan is a huge country in the region has a lot of potentials economically” she said.
Regarding her meeting with the minister of foreign affairs, she pointed to the agreements signed on political consultation according to which a mechanism of n between ministries of foreign affairs in Sudan and Portugal is formed.  She added that from now they have the ability to visit Sudan. The Ambassador noted to their readiness to improve the bilateral relations. She pointed the difficulties that Sudan is facing from illegal migration, and the border issues describing all these issues as international ones.
She said that Portugal knows well that Sudan has a role to play in the region, because Sudan is a transit country for those migrants. She added that illegal migration is an international issue that affects everybody, and they have to address it.
The Non Resident Portuguese Ambassador to Sudan met during her short visit to Sudan some MPs. She noted to her meeting with the Speaker of the Sudanese Parliament where they many topics concerning the political participation, the presence of women in the parliament, in political arena, the women empowerment. She added that women are half of the population and it is important to address these topics of women participation in economic and political life.
She shed light on her meeting with the Sudanese Portuguese Friendship & Business Association SPFA, describing these meeting as successful. She met also the Vice chancellor of University of Khartoum where they discussed most hot and vital topics concerning education and the Portuguese language, and exchange of students in the two countries to strengthen relations and ties between Sudanese and Portuguese Universities. 
She concluded by assuring that Sudan is huge country with great, different potentials, and need help and support.  She expressed her readiness to share experience with Sudan in the fields of agriculture, and other field. She said they have now very strong relation with Sudan.