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Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Refugees and Emigrants in Sudan

Many countries throughout the years had suffered from wars, poverty, natural disasters and many others things. As a result of  all of this, many people had left  their countries seeking   better live and safety. If the people leaved their home town to another place inside the country they will be called emigrants, but on the other hand, if they left the country to another different country those people will be called refugees.
Sudan have a long open borders with many countries, beside that its location had made it a target for many people from all Africa either to live on it permanently or as a stop before they find a way to another countries. In the last fifty years Sudan had hosted millions of refugees from all Africa Ethiopia, Eretria, Chad, Somalia, Center of Africa, Congo, south Sudan, Yemen and Syria. 
Sudan had always treated the refugees according to the international convention, customs, traditions and most importantly the issuing of the 2014 low that had organized the refugees issues in Sudan, also this low had been issued to fight human trafficking and other issues regarding the refugees issues.
Sudan government represented as commission of refugees had applied many polices to deal with the refugees, firstly the relief for the refugees to make sure that the refugee life quality had improved, after that the commission will start developing the refugee, so as to be able to depend on himself for example developing the refugee in the agricultural field. Sudan government from that polices have no intentions to make the refugees hate the idea of going back to their home country, but while they are still in Sudan they need to know how to live there, to develop himself, to be useful and he might return to his home country with profession that could give him a better leaving and secure life.
Moreover, because of the conflict in Darfur and the two areas many people had leaved their home town to another places seeking safety. Sudan government since the beginning of the conflict in 2003 didn’t just stand and watch people leaving there villages with out in plan or a place to go. The government start doing emergency plan to control the situation, the government built emigrants camps, provided with food medicines and many other things and that with cooperation and coordination with the international community.
Sudan government, while helping the emigrants to have a better life through the year, they know for sure this is not the solution for this problem, so while helping the emigrants they were trying to stop the conflict in Darfur and the two areas, until the government stopped the war there and many people has started to return voluntary to their villages , also the government starts to collect all the weapons in Darfur so as to prevent the war from starting again and provide stability and better life for all the Sudanese.
Sudan government had done many things regarding the refugees and the emigrants case with the support of the international community and organizations, still Sudan government is doing a very considerable efforts and that efforts will never stops, because the Sudanese people have morals and self convections that will make them always a very welcoming country for all the people from all over the world….NO REGERTS….NO SURRENDERS