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Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Government Hospitals are Innocent on Death of Baby: Health Ministry

Khartoum - The Ministry of Health in Khartoum State, has formed a committee headed by the Director General of the Ministry Dr. Babikir Mohamed Ali, to investigate about the death of a baby because of a nursery fee.
The incident was due to the death of a baby after his family had failed to enter into a life-saving nursery in government hospitals "Sharq Al Neel, Ibrahim Malik, academic" and a private one.
According to the Sudanese newspaper, all hospitals refused to accept the case before paying a minimum of 15 thousand pounds of security fees, reaching 30 thousand in some facilities, and the child's family had demanded that the President of the Republic intervene
Director General of Khartoum Health Ministry, Babikir Mohamed Ali said yesterday in a press Conference that  the investigation conducted by the Commission revealed that the hospital had nothing to do with the child's death, as the child had been born at home and had been brought to the hospital 10 days after his birth ?saying that as soon as the child was underdeveloped , his family had to move  him to the hospital immediately after he was born.
He stated that the investigation revealed that the hospitals in question had not requested a fee for immunity and that information was wrong.
The General Director of Health said a hospital blessed the sum of 20,000 pounds and in case of repetition the hospital is being exaggerated.
He said that Tabarak hospital (private) is also responsible because it did not turn the child into another hospital to provide the necessary measures to give up its responsibility
Affirming that the child's family has not yet lodged a complaint of law because of the death and all these allegations from the newspapers are not correct demanding investigative information and ascertaining the accuracy of the news so that there is no confusion in the society
The state strategy for the treatment of children under the age of five is compulsory for all institutions, hospitals and government centres, he added.