Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

National Committee for Consumer Protection Calls for Activating Trade and Monopoly Prevention Laws

Khartoum - Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for Consumer Protection, Dr. Nasr Al-Din Shulgami demanded the activation of laws related to the regulation of trade and the prevention of monopoly to create a society of abundance in Sudan.
In a press conference organized by the committee here yesterday to find solutions to the rise in prices of goods and services in the Sudanese markets, Shulgami called for the launch of a series of meetings with specialized chambers of commerce to study and determine the real cost of prices of goods and services and to announce that  to consumers through a weekly bulletin, stressing the need to launch awareness campaigns among consumers to identify them with their rights, besides monitoring of violations.
He stressed the support of the committee to Khartoum State vision with regard allocation of police and prosecutors to the consumer in all localities to enforce the guidelines related to the control of price chaos in the Sudanese markets, calling for the introduction of additional types of medicine under the umbrella of health insurance?
Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs National Committee announced that a campaign will stated targeting 2100 pharmacies in greater Khartoum aiming at controlling the prices.