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Thursday, 03 November 2016

Kenyan President lauds Sudan's Experiment in Oil Industry

Khartoum - The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta commended progress being made by Sudan in the oil industry and its infrastructure.
This came during a visit he paid Sunday to the Khartoum Oil Refinery Company on sideline of his visit to the country.
The Kenyan President was accompanied by the Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr Mohammed Zayed Awad, Minister of Industry, Dr Mohammed Yousif Ali and a number of officials from the two countries.
President Kenyatta stood over stages of crude oil refining and up-to-date techniques used and then he listened to detailed briefing about the establishment of the Refinery.
He expressed pleasure over Sudan experiences and the high qualification of the Sudanese cadres working in the oil industry, expressing a desire to make use of Sudan experiment in field of oil industry.
Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr Mohammed Zayed Awad reviewed Sudan's experiment in area of oil industry in general, saying the oil production besides achieving economic benefits and development; it also introduced qualified Sudanese cadres to the field of the oil industry.