Current Date:

Thursday, 03 November 2016

River Nile Calls for Including Cement Industry in Curriculums of Engineering Faculties

Khartoum - The State Minister at the Ministry of Industry, Dr. Abdu Daoud Suleiman, has called for linking the cement factories with the exportation system.
During his meeting at the Nile Valley University with the Directors of Al-Takamul, Berber, Atbara, Al-Salam and Al-Shamal Cement Factories, in presence of the Minister of Investment and Industry in River Nile State, Dr. Suleiman has stressed the importance of exportation, control on factories and reactivating the societal responsibly  for realizing development at the area.
The minister and the accompanying delegation of the Ministry of Industry have visited River Nile State so as to be informed about the problems and challenges that are facing the state.
The directors of the cement factories have called for establishment of an academy which is specializing in the cement industry, including the cement industry in the curriculums of the faculties of engineering as well as the exchange of experiences between the cement factories and creating a sustainable development in the field of cement industry.
They referred to the lack of expertise among the Sudanese cadres, instability of the electricity supply, deficit in power generation, increasing prices of spare- parts and the lack in hard currency for exporting spare-parts.
At his meeting with the Minister of Industry of River Nile  State and leaders of industry in the state and the centre, Dr. Suleiman affirmed the endeavor of his ministry to transfer River Nile State into an economic one, referring to the role of the agricultural schemes in boosting the processing industry at the state.
He said that the state obtains large capabilities in the fields of cement and food industries.
The minister has revealed a plan for establishing a research centre at the Ministry of Investment and Industry in River Nile State to provide consultancy that relate to establishment of industrial projects, besides enhancing the internal training for the cadres operating in the processing field.
He referred to the existence of a study pertinent to establishment of complex for vegetables and fruits in Shendi city.
 The Minister of Investment, Tourism and Industry in the state, Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, has affirmed the state government's determination to realizing comprehensive development, calling for close coordination between the federal and state's Ministries of Industry.
The Director of Industry in Nahral-Neil State, Mujahid Mustafa, has called for rehabilitation of the inactive factories and finding solutions for the problems that are facing the cement industry in the state.