Current Date:

Thursday, 03 November 2016

NGO Sponsors Project for Circumcision of 50 Boys Studying at Khalwa

Khartoum (Abdulmahmoud Aldoud) - The Ambassadors of Mercy Organization, a youth charity NGO, has implemented in collaboration with Holy Quran People Association, a project for circumcision of 50 boys studying at Khalwa (Quranic School) of Al-Khifa Mohamed Zainalabdin at Ed-Babikir area of East Nile Locality, Khartoum State. The project is sponsored by Cabinet Affairs Minister Ahmed Saad Omer.
The Minister praised the contributions being made by the said oganizations and that of Al-Khifa Mohamed Zainalabdin, chairman of the Ambassadors of Mercy Organization for the welfare of the students of Holy Quran.
The Commissioner of East Nile Locality, Abdalla Al-Gaili, who attended the occasion, lauded the role being played by the organization in serving the society and the Holy Quran in particular, affirming support to the programmes of the organization. The occasion was also addressed by Chairman of Holy Quran People Association Shiekh Dr. Mustafa Abbas and head of the health secretariat of the organization Dr. Abdelkareem Ahmed, voicing concern with the students of khalwas.