Current Date:

Thursday, 03 November 2016

Russian Newspaper: ICC Didn’t Pursue Any Western Country for War Crimes

Khartoum: The Russian Kommersant newspaper has touched on the decision of South Africa and Burundi of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court noting that Gambia is planning to follow suit.
The ICC is facing a crisis of trust and after the decision of South Africa and Burundi to quit it, Gambia is planning to follow. The countries of Africa are accusing the ICC of being bias and looking into the African events only, while the war crimes committed by Western countries remain outside the scope of its attention.
Gambian Minister of Information Sharif Bojangh has announced via the official TV satellite the intention of his country to withdraw from this court.
The Minister attributed this withdrawal to the fact that the court investigate only African events and overlook the war crimes committed in the other countries, saying that there are some Western countries (not less than 30 countries) that committed horrific war crimes against sovereign countries and their citizens but any of these countries did not appear before Justice due to these crimes and the criminals are not punished.
The Minister proposed changing the Name of court from the International Criminal court to be the International Court of Whites
These statements came in the wake of the electoral campaign scheduled to be held in December whereby the current President Yahia Jumma will be nominated for the post of the Presidency for the fifth time since the year 1994 when he seized power by a coup.
Yhaia has earlier announced the withdrawal of his country from the British Commonwealth association and abandoning the use of the English language and announcing Gambia a Muslim country.