Current Date:

Thursday, 03 November 2016

Minister Partakes in Conference on Partnership for Betterment of Humanitarian Work in Bahrain

Khartoum - Minister of Social Development of Khartoum State Dr. Amal Al Bakri Al Beeli participated in the conference on the Effective Partnership and Information Management towards a better humanitarian work, which was held at the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the participation of Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab humanitarian funds and the UN humanitarian agencies. 
Addressing a forum on safeguarding scientific human resources under exceptional situations held on the sidelines of the conference, Dr. Amal elaborated on the role of the Sudanese Workers Abroad Authority in contributing to the developmental process in the country.
The minister pointed out that Sudan is one of the biggest countries receiving refugees from African and Arab states and has a successful experience in integrating and supporting refugees in society, referring to the Syrian and South Sudanese refugees in this regard.
She also elaborated on the brain-drain problem, calling on the donor countries and institutions to contribute to safeguarding human resources, stressing the importance of setting up of an Arab fund to support the scientific research to curb the brain drain problem in the Arab world.