Current Date:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

NISS Annual Military Parade Arrives in Khartoum

Dokhri Al-Zaman: The Parade aims at ensuring readiness and strength

Khartoum - The National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS) concluded the annual military parade for this year, which came through two axes for 65 kilometers for its officers and soldiers, where the first one extended from Jebel Aulia road north of Gitaina through Khartoum areas to the headquarters of the Operations Authority in Khartoum, while the second one extended from Kataranj area through Al-Asailat, Al-Aailafon, Soba East and Soba West until to the Operations Authority.
Director of the NISS Operations Authority, 1st Lt. Gen. Dr. Dokhri Al-Zaman Omer said that this project came under the slogan of Hamat Al-Haq (2) within the framework of the training plan to complete readiness, and preparation of force.
He stressed that the project achieved its objectives by a large percentage and proved that the heroes of this march are enduring and facing difficulties, and that they are now more ready to face all the challenges and threats that threaten the homeland and the citizen in its security and stability.
Addressing the conclusion of the said project, Dokhri Al-Zaman said that this march has a great impact on citizens, through the mass interaction found by the march along the areas that they passed, stressing that this effect shows the awareness and public awareness of the role played by the NISS in achieving security and stability, and confronting mercenaries and uncovering their conspiracies, adding that these are the NISS heroes who continue to protect people and the homeland and the interests of the people and the Sudan and that they have presented a large group of martyrs for that and today they renew the covenant to move forward in the same way.
He thanked the people who interacted with the march of the the masses of those areas, Sufism, youth, students, women, children and all the Sudanse people and the NISS Director General, his deputies and assistants and heads of departments and bodies and other regular forces in the armed forces, police, popular police, commissioners of the localities in Khartoum, Jebel Aulia and Sharq Al-Neel.