Current Date:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

NISS : Kauda and Paris Conferences Held on Obnoxious Regional Base

Khartoum: Deputy General Manager of the National and Intelligence Service (NISS) General Usama Mukhtar has affirmed that security conditions in the country are their best

throughout  the last twenty years.
General Mukhtar  noted while addressing the graduation of batch number 85 in Karari neighborhood yesterday that lifting  sanctions came as an outcome of a firm coordination by a number of the state institutions stressing that those in charge  are laying down a package of arrangements for bringing  about recovery of the economy through reviving agriculture ,trade and industry confirming that efforts are underway for lifting Sudan's name from the list of terrorist harboring countries.
General Mukhatr has highlighted the desperate attempts from the part of some agencies whose decisions were oriented to serving  foreign agendas outlining that their recent conferences in Kauda and Paris is an evidences of the rift  and  gangster of these movements on an obnoxious  regional basis.
He said rumor mongering has now became their sole arms for demoralizing  citizens and spreading panic among them stressing that they depend on the awareness of citizens of the illusions of those seeking sedition.