Current Date:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sudan Elected Member of Board of Council of Governors of IAEA

Vienna (SUNA) - The Sudan has been elected member at the governor's council of International Atomic Energy Agency

(IAEA) representing the African continent in the period 2017-2019 beside Kenya.
The election process to the membership of the governors of IAEA which consists of 35 members ran during the agency's 61 conference in Vienna.

It is noting worthy, that the Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, the Sudan's head of Delegation to the IAEA conference, Mutaz Musa, has met with the Director General of the IAEA, Mr. Amano, and congratulated him on his third term as Director General, and the Agency's support for the Sudan.
The minister also met with Deputy Director General of the Agency, Mr. Mikhail Jodakov, explaining that the Sudan has gone far in the infrastructure of the nuclear project, in particular the approval of the nuclear law.
He praised the deputy director of the IAEA for his efforts in reviewing the self-assessment report of the Sudanese nuclear project.
He has extended invitation to the deputy director to visit Sudan, meanwhile, the IAEA deputy director has welcomed the invitation promising to respond in the third quarter of next year, in order to strengthen the ties and support to the serious steps that Sudan is taking in this regard.
He has suggested that he would present a seminar at a Sudanese university the review the program's peacefulness and the importance of atomic energy in the fields of medicine, industry, agriculture, food and energy generation, as well as the agency's commitment to sponsoring Sudan's programs and providing international technical support.
The council of governors of the IAEA consists of 35 members 5 of its seats is specified to the African continent one of them is permanent and occupied by the Republic of South Africa.
The council of the governors represent the second organ concerned with decision making in the organization after the general conference, the council hold five meetings annually where it presents proposals to the conference on the organizations activities, budget and assigning of its director general.