Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Minister of Defense: Recent Kalma Incidents Opposition Made

Omdurman : Minister of National Defense General psc. Awad Mohamed Ibnouf  has disclosed that the incidents which were associated with the Visit by President of the

Republic to Kalma camp are  made by the opposition namely Abdulwahid faction adding that they want to thwart the visit of the President
He affirmed in a press statement at the High Military Academy yesterday following the launching the strategic forum of the mps of the Legislature there is no armed movements in the camps acknowledging the existence of elements from these movements inside the camp denying that these elements have actions.
He further said the principle of colleting arms is preventing crime noting that in unlicensed arm in the hand of a person can be used for committing a crime.
The minister of defense affirmed the prevalence of peace in Darfur state .