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Friday, 29 September 2017

African Leaders Should Collectively Deal with the Continent’s Challenges

Khartoum - (Muawad – Neimat) The First Intellectual Forum will convene today, Wednesday,  at the High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Khartoum, under the

theme “Political Stability in Africa: Constraints and Prospects of the Future.
The forum will be participated by African elites and ex-presidents.
Sudan Vision managed to meet with a number of those elites namely: Prof Ibrahim Gambari who  worked as Chairperson of the African Union Commission as Joint African Union-United Nations Special Representative for Darfur during the period 2010 – 2012, Ambassador Welile Nhlap, who is the senior political Advisor to the Centres for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes based in South African (ACCORD), Dr. Joseph Chilengi, who is an  advisor to the African Union on democracy, governance and human rights, rule of law, electoral processes, transitional justice, refugees and IDPs and Deus Msipotwa Kibamba , who is currently working at the Economical and Social Research Foundation as Coordinator of Governance and Capacity-building.
The four intellects emphasized the importance of the forum as a key towards transforming African into a major player in the global agenda.
They expressed their appreciation to the initiative of Sudan in gathering such a group to discuss the political stability issue as the main factor in achieving development in the continent.
On the timing of the forum all of the interviewed agreed that it is an appropriate timing considering that the continent had difficult past but over the years it grew up stressing that the key issues are peaceful Africa to utilize its natural resources to the maximum by its people.
They suggest that African Union is facing challenges and the forum comes within the reform of the AU to cope with the global challenges considering that the outcomes of the forum will represent part of the guidelines to the AU leaders.
According to them the forum will be graced by a distinguished group of African elites who have experience in the concept of political stability.
The interviewed group stressed that the African leaders to work out a joint plan in all aspects of development including education, youth, women etc. to utilize the rich resources of the continent to the maximum without any need for donors who always have their own interests and agendas which are not the interests of the Africans.
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