Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Sudanese-Czech Talks on Health Field Starts

Khartoum-Joint talks started at the conferences hall at the Federal Ministry of Health on health field whereby the Sudanese side was chaired by the State Minister at the Ministry of Health Dr. Firdos Abdulrahman while the Czech Deputy Foreign affairs Minister chaired the side of his country.
The talks covered cooperation in the field of medicine manufacturing. Supply, systems and medical equipment , training health cadres, exchange of expertise and information
Dr Firdos presented a detailed briefing on health system in Sudan and coordination between the multiple levels of governance for managing the health sector as well as the competencies of each level, the development that occurred in the health sector and the expansion of primary healthcare service
She noted that the sanctions imposed on Sudan have adversely affected the health system leading to the stoppage of many systems and health equipment and the halt of international scholarships for training the Sudanese health cadres
For his part the Czech deputy foreign Affairs Minister has affirmed his  country cooperation with Sudan in all spheres particularly the health field and the readiness of his country for cooperation in the sphere of medical manufacturing.