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Friday, 29 September 2017

Kamal Obeid Chancellor of IUA Meets African Experts

Khartoum – (Neimat al Naiem – Haffiya Elyas) In the context of the meetings of the 14th Ordinary Conference of CISSA Schedule to convene on 28-29th September 2017

in Khartoum, a high level delegation of the conference visited yesterday the International University of Africa (IUA) to stand on the most developed and advanced level of the IUA locally and internationally.
Professor Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the Chancellor of International University of Africa, welcomed the visiting delegation representatives from Africa at his office; Obeid briefed the delegation historical background of the University and its role in the society.
The Chancellor of IUA stated to Sudan Vision that he briefed the delegation on the academic programme of the University.  As part of its academic mission organizes conferences and seminars, the University will organize a workshop on conflicts resolution added that two members of the delegation who visited the University are experts specialized in Conflicts Resolution in Africa, added the University will organize a workshop on conflict resolution in the context of disasters prevention, he called them to take part in the expected workshop. The delegation consists of Jean Paul Kimonyo, the Consultant of the Tanzanian President, Joshef Selgni , the Consultant of the AU , Deus Msipotwa Kibamba who is now working at the Economic and Social Research Foundation as coordinator , and Welie Augastine from South Africa , Intelligence Consultant for the former President  .
Prof. Obeid said that the delegation expressed their pleasure and gratitude and deep thanks to Sudan for providing such services to Africa as a whole. He added that some of the delegation members had visited Sudan before and have a positive image about the situations in Sudan , others are visiting Sudan for the first time. He also added that such visits will play a role in informing with the IUA and its role, and cooperation with different concern bodies according to these relations.
The IUA Chancellor assured that the University is open to all people to have an idea about its mission, vision, activities and programmes. He explained that there are 22 faculties in all specializations, and 15,000 students from all over the world have the opportunities in training in many training foundations in the University such as TV, Radio which are working for 24 hours for daily bases in addition to the University Hospital.