Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

CISSA First Forum Objectives

Political stability in Africa, challenges and aspiration of the future is the theme of the CISSA first consultation forum

will kick off today amid presence of African key figures, politicians, ex-presidents, diplomats and security experts.
The idea of the forum is to create an attractive environment for African intellectuals to discuss political challenges that face the continent, tomorrow is “African day” to let leaders set together to exchange ideas and seek for solutions.
The acting president of the forum committee Brigadier Ibrahim Mansour described the forum is a laboratory used by African leaders and intellectuals to translate the idea of the theme into action, said Ibrahim while he was addressing a press conference on Saturday.
More than 650 participants representing 49 African countries will review the major challenges; their views can be adopted as an advisory service toward good governance.
Insecurity situations in large parts of African continent impact governance, economy and social structure of communities, the forum is aimed at tackling the mentioned issues. Mansour briefed media on the main activities during the one day forum, which scheduled to discuss three main papers.
According to the forum acting president, the first paper is concern with social, economic and ethnic dimensions; the presenter of this main paper is one of the African prominent figures, who is the presidential aide in Rwanda. The lack of development causes conflicts that lead to IDPs camps and refugee’s shelter, which is considered as a threat to social fabric. The presidential aide is going to present in details how Africa can get rid of these barriers.
While the second paper focuses on the challenges and the threats that stand on the way of Africa, this significant paper will be presented by the general secretary of African’s Political Parties’ Council Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, who can contribute effectively in this forum due to the experience of running African political parties, the challenges and threats were outlined in illegal migrations, human trafficking, terrorism and corruption.
The last paper in this important forum is by Al Akhdar Al Ibrahimi a famous African leader, his paper is about political stability requirements in Africa, the continent that characterized by military coups, dictatorship and tribalism, political stability based on democracy, fairness and transparency.
Monitors and commentators expect good recommendations and suggestions which can be used as a roadmap toward new Africa free of ignorance, illiteracy and diseases, the most significant outcome is the continuity of the forum, it must survive, to be convened annually, the strategy of the forum should have to change African way of thinking and governing.
The forum is an additional value to CISSA activities and objectives “We promote open, informed debate about society’s developmental/ environmental choices. We use research, lobbying, popular campaigning, alliance building and media work designed to raise awareness among the public to achieve goals. We take broad, integrated and systemic approach to developmental issues, environmental problems; biological research and health issues” said CISSA official to assure that CISSA is not for collecting information, but it conducts researches, studies and analysis to various aspects of life.