Current Date:

Monday, 24 October 2016

Al-Sisi: Egypt Supports Outcomes of Sudanese National Dialogue

Khartoum: Egyptian President A bdulfatah Al-Sisi has affirmed Egypt’s support to the outcomes of the Sudanese national dialogue which was organized by the Sudanese

government and ended recently.
He said Egypt call on the international community to lift the blockade imposed on Sudan which his harmful for the fraternal Sudanese people.
Al-Sisi affirmed that Egypt is committed to its resonsibilities in establishing peace and security in the countries of the gathering and in the territories of the African country as a whole through its membership in the peace and Security Council of the African Union  and the United Nations Security council .
He confirmed that Egypt is ready to restore stability in South Sudan state and Sudan highlighting the cordial eternal relations linking the Sudanese and Egyptian peoples  noting that COMESA  is holding its meeting in the light of many politica and security challenges in the region  representing obstacles  hampering our gathering from realizing its targets of peace , security and stability and hence compreheniosve economic development in the countries of the gathering and the African continent as a whole.
This came in a speech delivered in the nineteenth confernce of COMESA gathering which was held today Tananarivo Madagascar, Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab Assistant to the President for National and Strategic Projects and the Egyptian delegation comprised Tariq Gabil, The Minister of commerce and Industry and Ambassador Amjad Abdulghafar Assitant of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for African organization Affairs
He added that Egypt is equalyy keen on the stability of the great lakes region as whole which represents a major part of our gathering and supports all the international and regional noting Egypt ha sough taking charge of sanctions coimmiteee which is affilaited to the secourity council in the democratic Congo.