Current Date:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Al Bashir Leads Wide Consultations with 7+7 Mechanism

Khartoum - The President is expected to meet yestrday evening the national mechanism to start the constitutional and legal amendments for the post-national dialogue

The mechanism member and political secertay of the lineration and Justice party Bushara Juma Aror said meeting will discuss the selection of the national reconciliation government and the prime minister who will be appointed by the President of the Republic as well as taking ncessary constitutional and legal amedments.
He added that also the strategy will be formulated to implement the national dialogue outcmes on the ground
Juma expected that a mechanism will be created to communicate with the armed groups
On the other hand the President Assistant Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud said the meeting will discuss the arrangements which were affirmed in the national ialogue outcome and the necessary arrangement for the post-dialogue phase
Mahmoud renewed the call for the holdouts to pay attention to peace process and the dialogue that formualted a plan to address the country’s baisc issues stressing that the dialogue was comprehensive and all participants were given a free chance to express their views
In a related development the National Dialogue Secretary General Professor Hashim Ali Salim said in a meeting with Khartoum state youth union that the national dialogue has unfied the politica parties and restored confidence to the armed movements to deal with the government.
The youths’ union during the meeting presented an initiative to honour all the particpants of the national dialogue in appreciation of their efforts leading to the success of the national dialogue.
In another development the US Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan is expected to have met the national dialogue General Secretariat to be famialiarized with outcomes of the national dialogue
Donald said he visited Darfur States and got acquanited with the situation in Darfur stressing that the vist aim at  having first hand information on the situation adding that “ I have personnaly acquainted myself with the situation in South Darfur and met with the state governor who briefed me on the situation and his government efforts to solve the main issues that face the state partcularly the security issues , reconciliation between the dufferent groups and how to ensure of the return of the inetrnally displaced people to their places of origin .